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Nicholas C. Diamantis MD, DMD, FAACS

Nicholas C Diamantis, MD, DMD, FAACS, is a dual degreed cosmetic surgeon with more than two decades of aesthetics surgical experience. He is a cosmetic surgeon with impressive credentials and experi­ence. Dr. Diamantis has performed several thousand cosmetic procedures throughout his career. He is a mentor to several surgeons in the art of aesthetic surgery. "I am full of pride when I see my students enter the medical field with new knowledge and confidence gained under my tutorship. He is an innovator in the field of cosmetic surgery with multiple registered trademarks. Dr. Diamantis has many medical inventions including the revolutionary weekendLIFT®.

Dr. Diamantis is the founder of Cleveland Cosmetic Surgery. A progressive organization dedicated to delivering innovative cosmetic surgery at a fair and affordable price point. The surgical staff is dedicated to working with Dr. Diamantis in a complementary manner. The team was specifically assembled to support and provide you the ultimate care on a daily basis. Dr. Diamantis is very compassionate and cares deeply for his patients. His patients love him for his charm and warm sense of humor, and when you meet him it is abundantly clear how sincere his interest is in each patient. The staff is kind and very approachable. They are eager to assist you and quick with a smile. Dr. Diamantis patients love him for his humility. He loves what he does and cares for his patients, which he considers friends. Because of this patient bond, his patients are very loyal to him.

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Dr. Diamantis (chief surgeon) repairing a cleft lip on a young Columbian boy in Santa Marta. Dr. Diamantis unique surgical skills have taken him to remote parts of the world.


Dr. Diamantis obtained his Bachelor of Arts in three year Magna Cum Laude, followed by a doctorate of dental medicine from Case Western Reserve University. Dr. Diamantis then completed medical school, where he graduated with honors. After completing a 5 year residency at one of the nation’s top hospital in maxillofacial surgery, Dr. Diamantis furthered his training in craniofacial surgery in Europe studying with Dr. Hans Bosker of the Netherlands and Dr. Miguel El Campo of Spain and Mexico.


He returned to the United States and completed a formal Cosmetic Fellowship in Florida under the direction of Dr. R.G. Smith, a disciple of the famous plastic surgeon, Dr. Paul Tessier of Paris, France. During his fellowship, Dr. Diamantis trained exclusively in cosmetic surgery with an emphasis on facial plastic rejuvenation, nose surgery and body lipo contouring.

Dr. Diamantis was required to perform over 1000 distinct cosmetic surgical cases to complete the prestigious cosmetic surgery fellowship. We believe the European based fellowship of cosmetic training has allow Dr. Diamantis to excel in the field of cosmetic surgery.

Nicholas C. Diamantis, MD, DMD, FAACS

Dr. Diamantis practice is limited exclusively to cosmetic surgery. He has now performed several thousand cosmetic procedures over the last two decades. This experience has allowed him to be a Fellow of the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery as well as assistant clinical professor. He is dedicated to advancing the safety and quality profile for all aesthetic procedures in the field of cosmetic surgery. Dr. Diamantis routinely lectures at many national and international meetings in the field of cosmetic/plastic surgery.

Healing the Children Mission Trip

Dr. Diamantis enjoys working with his hands. He has created many works of art in an assortment of mediums. There are many art pieces that are presented throughout the Cleveland area under a pseudonym. His passion is philanthropic surgical mission. Dr. Diamantis volunteers his special surgical talent to help less fortunate children. He currently is lead surgeon for the non-profit organization "Healing the Children." Dr. Diamantis has personally funded several international trips to help children born with cleft lip and palate. The Team's next philanthropic trip is in October to Southeast Africa. Dr. Diamantis hopes to help over 50 families. Our motto is Saving Faces ... Changing Lives...

Dr. Diamantis Mission Trip
Dr. Diamantis Mission Trip
Dr. Diamantis Mission Trip
Dr. Diamantis Mission Trip

Only recently, these beautiful children were alienated and shunned by their own people secondary to their facial anomalies. The children families are determined and often travel long distances to reach us for treatment. We later learned a large number of families traversed several hundred miles of treacherous jungle on foot to reach us. Imagine the love and dedication required to make this journey. In good consciousness, Dr. Diamantis could not refuse a single soul. The Team united and operated throughout the night for several days. Every child journeyed home with a smile and "new face on life."

Dr. Diamantis

Dr. Diamantis is committed to serving his "global" community. With specialized training in Cosmetic and Maxillofacial surgery, Dr. "D" travels regularly abroad to provide free healthcare to children in need. In one week, he hopes to change the lives of many families.

Dr. Diamantis belongs to a prestigious medical organization which trains local Doctors to surgically treat children born with craniofacial deformities. In addition Dr. Diamantis leads a group of Doctors, nurses and volunteers each year to a remote part of the world. Each member pays his own way and volunteers his/her special skills. Keep in mind everyone has a special skill to offer. Call us today and make a child's life better tomorrow.

In short, you will feel safe and confident having surgery at Cleveland Cosmetic Surgery, one of the few surgery offices in Greater Cleveland, and Canton certified by the Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care (AAAHC). Visit our cosmetic surgery offices located in Lakewood, and Middleburg Heights, Ohio.

Healing the Children

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Dr. Diamantis

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