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Liquid Lift


The secret is out! There is a proprietorial combination of non-surgical procedures and products that will help you look your best. If you're not ready for surgery, but want to look younger; it's time to take advantage of the new liquid lift.

Let us revitalize your face without surgery. Achieve a more youthful appearance with the Liquid Lift, only available at Cleveland Cosmetic Surgery.

The new Liquid Lift is the ideal makeover for patients who don't want surgery or a long recovery period. For more information, feel free to contact Dr. Diamantis at 216.227. 3333.


Liquid LIFT |Nonsurgical Facelift | Midlife Make Over

This procedure has gained recent popularity due to the cosmetic boom. It is evident we are living longer and people are taking much better care of themselves. It only makes sense people want to look better as they enjoy a more active and productive life. Dr. Diamantis understands this and has introduced the Liquid LIFT nonsurgical facelift. It utilizes the best noninvasive rejuvenation techniques and combines them to give you a rejuvenated refreshed look without surgery.  Many patients want to look refreshed yet they do not want or have the time to undergo surgery. Our doctors at Cleveland Cosmetic Surgery developed a revolutionary way to do this.

Dr. Diamantis has found an additive affect by combining the three technologies. Each procedure has its strengths but by combining them you get an all-inclusive rejuvenation. Botox® helps erase wrinkles and frown lines, while dermal filler's and Voluma® restore facial volume in the cheeks and laugh lines. The final revitalizing piece is skin tightening with laser therapy. This innovative non-surgical procedure refreshes your face with no downtime. To see if you are a candidate for the Liquid Lift (nonsurgical facelift), schedule a free no obligation consultation with Dr. Diamantis.

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Meet Julie, 49

" Executive secretary, wife and amateur bird watcher"

"The Liquid lift gave me back my face without surgery."

Julie is an outgoing person who loves the outdoors. She enjoys working with her colleagues and hopes to work for several more years.  However, there are some things she can't change like looking tired and the older than she feels. Julie feels it's time for a makeover. She isn't able to take time off of work so she required a non-surgical treatment plan. Julie researched her non-surgical options and learned about the LiquidLift.

LiquidLift | Liquid Lift

Julie’s Recommended Treatments

1. Liquid Lift – a nonsurgical rejuvenation of the face designed to correct common facial aging. There are three components to the liquid lift

a. Facial fillers – two separate fillers are utilized together to add volume that lifts and counters her laugh lines and cheek area. The most common fillers used are Voluma® and Juvederm®
b. Botox® cosmetic – to reduce the look of facial wrinkles and frown lines.
c. Laser skin therapy– An erbium laser is used to smooth and soften skin blemishes.

2. Location – accredited Lakewood office or Middleburg Heights office
3. Anesthesia- options topical and local anesthesia
4. Recovery – Minimal

"My face feels and looks so good, it's my secret." –Julie

LiquidLift | Liquid Lift


LiquidLift | Liquid Lift


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