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Dr. Diamantis
Cleveland cosmetic surgery
Cleveland cosmetic surgery
Cleveland cosmetic surgery

Cleveland Cosmetic Surgery


Re: Introduction Letter

A Message from Our Founder

Dear VIP Patient:

Congratulations in taking the first step towards regaining your confidence. More than 30 million Americans have addressed their cosmetic concerns. With over two decades, thousands of women and men selected Cleveland Cosmetic Surgery. Our techniques continue to change the way the world looks at cosmetic rejuvenation by giving women and men a subtle lift that looks and feels natural.

Although many of our patients differ in age, occupations, and lifestyles, they have one thing in common; cosmetic rejuvenation at Cleveland Cosmetic Surgery changed their lives by restoring their self-confidence. Many patients tell us the most exciting aspect of cosmetic rejuvenation is the overwhelming new sense of freedom they feel.

By choosing Cleveland Cosmetic Surgery, you benefit from our surgical and aesthetic excellence, but more importantly, you benefit from our continuity of care or "boutique" service. I promise to guide you through the entire process, from your private consult, to the procedure, and finally through your post­operative follow up visits.

On this website, you will see the before and after photos of many different women and men, all with distinctive lives and distinctive looks. They each have concerns about their appearance, so I recommended different aesthetic treatments to address their individual concerns. In addition, I hope to provide you with information on the latest plastic surgery techniques. You will learn about the most effective cosmetic procedures, our innovative office techniques, and most importantly, you will see pictures of actual Cleveland Cosmetic Surgery patients.

The Cleveland Cosmetic Surgery team consists of hand-picked professionals dedicated solely to the specialty of Cosmetic Surgery. Call 216.227.3333 for a private, complimentary consultation.

In good health,

N.C. Diamantis, MD, DMD, FAACS
President & Founder

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