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Over time, you may start to notice changes in appearance, typically in the form of fine lines, wrinkles and unwanted facial and neck fullness. These changes are commonly caused by genetics and aging. But environmental factors such as UV light, smoking, pollution, poor nutrition or excessive alcohol use pay play a role.

Fortunately, Dr. Diamantis can contour and remove unwanted facial and neck fat,  thanks to new stem cell research advances. We can use your own fat to permanently erase wrinkles and restore facial deficiencies.

The most common facial areas Dr. Diamantis treats is the lips, checks, jowls and beneath the chin. The combination of fat/stem  cell transfer and facial liposculpture is extremely promising with a high therapeutic ceiling.Please continue to read below to learn about treatment options that may be right for you.

Facial Liposculpture| Neck Liposculpture | Fat and Stem Cell Transfer

Fat Transfer to the Face

Just recently we've realized the potential for fat cells to become stem cells. Stem cells are ideal fillers for facial rejuvenation. Stem cells are the ultimate universal grafting material to be used as a permanent, viable filler replacement. Today, with the new advancement of stem cell research, fat cells have regained popularity in facial rejuvenation. Dr. Diamantis utilizes fat as a rejuvenation material because it is safe, no potential for allergic reaction and, in most of us, is very abundant. Fat transfer has changed the way we practice facial rejuvenation at Cleveland Cosmetic Surgery. Fat has many indications, it can be used universally to erase facial wrinkles it can be used to augment cheeks and chin and it is indicated for lip augmentation. Fat is easily harvested from your belly in the privacy of our office. The newly harvested fat is then treated and placed into a specific container ready for use in facial rejuvenation. The exciting part of fat transfer is that over time the newly placed fat becomes a graft and stays in place permanently. It is soft and supple mimicking your own skin and collagen. Many patients see a huge opportunity to take care of two problem areas simultaneously. Dr. Diamantis often performs liposculpture of the abdomen at the same time while harvesting for the fat transfer to the face. This is a win-win situation because you are able to correct two problem areas with one anesthetic. It is also very cost effective. Fat transfer at Cleveland Cosmetic Surgery has been a welcome addition to the facial rejuvenation armamentarium.

Facial Liposculpture

The loss of facial definition due to age or weight gain is a common concern for many of our patients. The face is most susceptible to internal factors like hereditary traits and weight gain. Once the fat/lipid cells are removed, new fat cells will never regrow in that region.

Facial fat is often resistant to common weight loss and exercise programs. This frustrates patients and often leads to fad unhealthy diets. Fortunately, Dr. Diamantis can easily remove unwanted facial and neck fat  with Vaser® Lipo--a simple outpatient procedure performed under local anesthesia.

Facial liposculpture is a safe simple procedure with decades of patient success stories. The facial and neck results are permanent. Once facial fat is removed, the fat cells will never come back. Call Cleveland cosmetic surgery at 216-227-3333 if you are a candidate for facial liposculpture.


Patient Photo Gallery

Meet Nikki, 25

"Aesthetician, wife and future mom"

"I inherited my mother's great eyes and ... heavy neck line."

Nikki is a motivated young lady. She works in the cosmetic industry and enjoys helping her clients. A gifted aesthetician, Nikki specializes in eyebrow and lip tattooing. Over time, she's noticed unwanted facial fullness. Nikki sought out treatment, and she is thrilled with what she sees.


Nikki’s Recommended Treatments

1. FACIAL & NECK LIPOSCULPTURE-tto erase unwanted facial and neck fat. Our goal is to define the jaw line and permanently remove stubborn fat cells.".
2. LOCATION-AAAHC accredited Lakewood office ­Cleveland Cosmetic Surgery private surgical suite.
3. ANESTHESIA OPTIONS-local anesthesia with IV sedation vs. local anesthesia
4. RECOVERY PERIOD- 3-5 days.

“Everyone asks me if I’ve lost weight.” –Nikki

Nikki was referred to Cleveland Cosmetic Surgery by our nurse for facial and neckline liposuction. Dr. Diamantis suggested submental liposculpture to erase Nikki's double chin and define her jawline. Incidentally, under the chin liposculpture is an in-office procedure performed under twilight sedation.

Dr. Diamantis achieved facial harmony for Nikki with facial liposculpture. Notice the definition and crispness in her new neck line. Nikki is very pleased with the result and is eager to go out and enjoy her new look. The procedure was easier than she anticipated and wishes she had done it earlier.






Meet Gigi,55

"Wife, friend and recent grandmother"

''Now when I look in the mirror, I don't feel like I'm trying to hide something anymore."

Gigi is thrilled with the new addition to the family. She is traveling to South Carolina to help welcome her new grandchild. But prior to this, she wants to take care of herself. Dr. Diamantis recommended facial liposculpture with immediate fat/stem cell transfer to the cheek and laugh lines. This minimally invasive treatment was ideal for Gigi.


Gigi’s Recommended Treatments

1. FACIAL & NECK LIPOSCULPTURE- to reduce unwanted facial and neck fat .The objective is to define the neckline and permanently remove stubborn fat cells.
2. FAT/STEM CELL TRANSFER- to permanently add volume that lifts and contours the cheek area, laugh lines and jowls.
3. LOCATION- AAAHC accredited Lakewood office Cleveland Cosmetic Surgery private surgical suite.
3. ANESTHESIA OPTIONS- Local with IV sedation versus local anesthesia.
4. RECOVERY PERIOD- 3-5 days.

“It’s time to take care of me. So I can be around for my girls.” – Gigi

Gigi is a great friend of Cleveland Cosmetic Surgery. She is frustrated with her recent facial changes correlating with age, new medications and menopause. Even at her target weight Gigi feels her face is too plump and lacks definition. Dr. Diamantis believes it is likely associated with both hormonal shifts and medications she's required to take daily. She would like a more defined face and neck line.

However, Gigi doesn't have the free time required for traditional surgery. Dr. Diamantis proposed liposculpture of the jowls and neck with immediate transfer of her own fat to the nasal labial folds (laugh lines) and cheek area.

Today, Gigi looks fabulous.  Her goal of a thinner face and more defined neck line was achieved. Facial liposculpture and fat transfer was the ideal treatment option for Gigi. The post operative experience with Dr. Diamantis was easy and much quicker than she anticipated. She feels she looks thinner and is using this procedure as a spring board to continue with her weigh loss program.






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